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New Version Installed
   Posted December 31, 2010 by admin 

Just installed the new version of the software. Lots of new features and bug fixes. Let me know if you have problem with the site.

One of the future features I'm working on is the ability to use your website account (or Google acct) to login to BrewBlogger so you don't have to maintain a separate one. Hoping to finish that early this next year (2011).

Please submit bugs or feature requests

New Version Almost Here
   Posted July 23, 2010 by admin 

We're just about ready to release a new version of BB.  Tons of bugfixes and enhancements are coming..

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Club Name: ASH
Hometown: Tempe, Arizona USA

This is our club recipe site. This software will allow you to design, calculate and share recipes and brew sessions ("blogs"). You also have the option with each individual recipe or session to keep it private if you like. BB supports the BeerXML format which allows you to import/export from/to other brewing programs. BB is fully open source and does not use any proprietary formats.

Contact Kevin Masaryk if you'd like an account.